Concrete Kerbs

McCall Concrete Products have been producing concrete kerbs for over thirty five years now. We have been supplying civils jobs, local developments and private developments with our high quality kerbs.

Our concrete kerbs are manufactured and finished to the highest of standards making them ideal for both heavy duty use and driveways.

The benefits of our concrete kerbs include:

Bullet Point High Quality Finish
Bullet Point Strong and Durable
Bullet Point Longer Life Span

Our large range of kerbs include :

Bullet Point 6 x 2 Flat Top Garden Edging
Bullet Point 6 x 2 Round Top Garden Edging
Bullet Point 6 x 4 Half Battered Pre-cast Kerb
Bullet Point 7 X 5 Precast Kerb
Bullet Point 7 X 5 Pressed Berb
Bullet Point 10 X 5 Pressed Kerb
Bullet Point 10 x 5 Channel Kerb
Bullet Point Drainage Kerb
Bullet Point Open Channel Kerb
Bullet Point Fern Edge Garden Edging
Bullet Point Scalop Edge Garden Edging

If you are in need of concrete kerbs for your project or driveway, then look no further. McCall Concrete Products can have your kerbs delivered right to your doorstep. If you need a free estimate, then give us a call on 059 91 61188 and we can give us a free estimate based on your design requirements.

Fern Edge kerbs

Fern Edge Kerbs

Presed Concrete Kerbs

Scalop Edge Garden Edging

Pressed Channel Kerb

Pressed Channel Kerb

Garden Edging

Garden Edging

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